Anna Lindal – sitting silently...
SAK 4610-7
Focus is on Hans Otte – one of the true legends in European music; as composer, pianist and director of the music department at Radio Bremen, Germany. In the early 90's he composed a violin work of 50 minutes' duration, here performed by leading Swedish violinist Anna Lindal: alltagsmusik/Every Day's Music. A poem recited by the soloist sets the tone: "sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes – and the grass grows by itself." Music which takes its time – which flourishes in stillness. The same is true for Lars Hallnäs' variations for violin on a text by Georg Trakl – in this case too, the title indicates the character of the music: Stille führt der Steg (Silent brings the path...). "This music is hard to live without, once you've heard it." (Svenska Dagbladet)
Lars Hallnäs: Stille führt der Steg – variations for violin on a text by Georg Trakl* (1995) (16:16)
Hans Otte: stundenbuch No.11 (1991-98) (1:13)
Hans Otte: alltagsmusik/Every Day's Music* (1990/91) (48:25)
Hans Otte: stundenbuch No.13 (4:17)

* First recording
Total time 70:12