Christian Wolff – for two pianists ...and three
SAK 4610-8
Christian Wolff has written more music for two pianists than most of his colleagues after World War II. Content now releases a double-CD (2x79’) with all his music for two pianists …and three, comprising music written between 1957 and 2001.

Apart from modern classics, like Duos for Pianists, it is distinguished by a couple of works written directly for pianists Mats Persson and Kristine Scholz, such as the postcard piece For Kristine and Mats from Christian, which is seen on the front cover.

Some pieces with more or less open instrumentation, among them Braverman Music, are also included.

The third piano is played by the composer.
CD 1

Duo for Pianists I (1957) (4:18)
Exercise 22 (Bread and Roses, for John)* (1982) for piano four hands (4:13)
Duet I (1960) for piano four hands (8:06)
Exercise 21 (Oh Freedom)* for piano four hands (1981) (5:36)
For Kristine and Mats (from Christian)* (1994) version for piano four hands (2:23)
Snowdrop (1970) version for two pianos (19:56)
Duo for Pianists II (1958) (8:31)
Variations (Extracts) on the Carmans Whistle Variations of Byrd* (1972) version for two pianos (6:00)
Tilbury 2 (1969) version for two pianos (3:44)
Duo for Pianists II, 2nd version (4:46)
Tilbury 2, 2nd version (3:58)
Exercise 20 (Acres of Clams)* (1980) for two pianos (4:58)
Duo for Pianists II, 3rd version (2:30)

Total time 79:07


CD 2

Two Pianists* (1993–94) for two pianos (21:28)
Exercise 19 (Harmonic Tremors)* (1980) for two pianos (7:46)
Sonata* (1957) for three pianos (4:06)
Braverman Music* (1978) version for two pianos (26:03)
70 (and more) for Alvin* (2001) version for three pianos (9:25)
Fragment* (2001) for two pianos (10:09)

Total time 79:02

* First recording


Photo: Anna Sigge